Public Safety

With over 26 years of law enforcement experience, Brian Johnson has made the safety of his community his life’s work. That’s why when the state announced that dozens of dangerous sex offenders would be transferred to a residential facility in Cambridge, Brian led the fight to stop it.

After months of hard work and advocacy to prevent the transfer, Governor Dayton finally agreed.

“The City of Cambridge, neighborhoods and businesses surrounding the proposed transfer site, and hundreds of past victims who have contacted me can now rest a little easier knowing that our state’s leaders have reversed their previous course of action. Many legal questions and concerns still remain, and I plan on following this issue closely over the next several months and during the 2014 legislative session. After spending a career in law enforcement, my priority continues to be the safety and security of the citizens of Cambridge and other communities potentially impacted in the future.”

– Representative Brian Johnson

In a recent legislative survey of our district, 77% of people agreed that the Department of Human Services (DHS) should have stricter oversight and requirements for informing communities about such transfers. Brian will continue to hold government accountable so that our children are protected from dangerous offenders.