100% rating from MN Chamber of Commerce

Minnesota Chamber of Commerce gives Brian Johnson a 100% rating

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The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, the state’s largest business advocacy organization, recently gave Rep. Brian Johnson a 100% rating on their 2014 legislative scorecard. The Chamber examined the voting records of every state legislator and found that Brian consistently supported a pro-jobs, pro-growth agenda.

“I’m happy to have received a 100% rating from the Minnesota Chamber, but there is still a lot of work to do next session. Minnesota is becoming a difficult place to do business in, with some of the highest property, corporate, and income tax rates in the nation. If we want job creators to stay here in the district and not relocate to more business-friendly states, we need be smarter about how we tax and regulate. The Minnesota Chamber of Commerce understands this and is an important voice for the 2,400+ employers in our state.” – Representative Johnson 


To read the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce’s 2014 scorecard, click here.